Emen Agro - Billing & Accounting Application with Web & Software for Agro Shop Business Owner(Mobile App for Seeds, Pesticides, Fertilizer Retail and Distributors)

Emen Agro its First Product of Emen retail Infotech Pvt Ltd. Even though it’s first time in a market this type of product came, Easy to use, work like smart, & data Safely. Emen Agro is Mobile Billing Application with Cloud Base web login option with auto synchronize, It’s dedicated to all Agri Shop Owners (Like Seeds, Pesticides, Fertilizers etc.) for them get his business digitalized without any heavy Technology assets & Knowledge. It’s single solution for all Agri Dealer & Distributors who want take them business to next level with low risk to high gain. Emen Agro run main Three component of Company call “Easy, Smart & Secure” Easy: - Emen Agro Billing Application you don’t need any kind of knowledge to operate computer or any specific person to maintain you shop Account through Software or Billing Application. Any kind age of people can operate EASY emen agro, the main key element of the “EMEN AGRO” is it’s just selection of category, company or produc
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